Our Values

I&O Partners is a value-driven company. We believe that our values are core not only to contribute a great atmosphere and work environment but also to effectively serve our clients. Our passion for law leads to outstanding service and professionalism in everything we do.

Our Values

We enjoy working together and work as a team to achieve our shared goals.


We are among the best in the industry in legal expertise and individual client approach, offering only high quality to our clients.

Quality of life

Our employees are offered a challenging and interesting career track, without compromising on a balanced private life.


We practice law passionately and serve our clients wholeheartedly. Our passion for law guarantees continuous development and learning.


We respect our clients, each other, our colleagues, and the environment in everything that we do.

Corporate social responsibility

We believe in setting an example for responsible operations, which is why we base all of our activities on the notion of corporate, social, and environmental responsibility. Leading by example is our way of achieving change, where we believe that long-term sustainable business practices and the promotion of equality and justice lead to true integration of social and environmental concerns into all areas of our operations.

Within the firm, we focus on equality, transparency, and inclusiveness while consciously striving to implement actions that promote a healthy workplace. Sustainability to us also means quality and development, where the advancement of knowledge through education is encouraged and provided for all our employees. We are committed to pro bono work and believe that through this, we are able to help selected organizations and clients in their work towards a just and ethical society.

We have embraced the increased level of digitalization, both within the workplace and in society, where we acknowledge the new tools for efficient and high-quality client work that digitalization provides. The implementation of these new opportunities for knowledge sharing and working thus creates a higher level of sustainability and efficiency in our work, allowing us to actively strive toward producing stable and long-term client relationships.

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